Scott Sedita’s Guide To Making It In Hollywood lays out everything an actor needs to know to launch a career in the entertainment capital of the world!

Tapping into his 25 years of experience in the business, renowned Acting Coach, Author and TV personality Scott Sedita breaks down the Three Steps to Success -- Talent, Confidence, Perseverance -- and shows how these elements work together to build a successful acting career.

Further, Scott takes a unique approach in highlighting the many Obstacles actors face when pursuing their dream in Hollywood. Scott explains how actors must identify and avoid the Three Steps to Failure -- Distractions, Addictions, Wrong Actions.

With his bold, humorous, no-holds-barred approach, Scott guides the reader with practical, easily accessible advice as well as numerous Success Stories of famous actors he’s worked with and how they made it to the top!

Scott Sedita has years of experience in both Los Angeles and New York as an agent, casting director, acting coach and TV personality. He has worked with many of today’s most successful television and film actors. Author of the best-selling book, The Eight Characters of Comedy: A Guide to Sitcom Acting and Writing, Scott continues to groom future stars through his Scott Sedita Acting Studios in Hollywood.

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Scott Sedita's Guide to Making It in Hollywood: 3 Steps to Success, 3 Steps to Failure

Scott Sedita's Guide to Making It In Hollywood

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Click here for Scott giving an inspiring talk at his book signing at Barnes & Noble
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Click here to watch Scott talk about Making It in Hollywood on Judy Kerr's talk show. (4 min) Click here for clips of Scott's television appearances
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Click here for Scott's interview on "The Red Carpet Reporter"
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Click here: Scott Sedita is interviewed for New Yorks NYC TV Profiles
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Praise for Scott Sedita's Guide to Making It in Hollywood: 3 Steps to Success, 3 Steps to Failure

"I believe the main reason I continue to work is because I strive to be confident and real. I would have had no chance of achieving either of those if it wasn't for Scott Sedita. His ability to prepare the actor for both the craft of acting and the accompanying business is unparalleled in my experience."
- Geoff Stults, October Road

"Not only is Scott Sedita incredibly skilled at coaching, but his advice and words of wisdom have been indispensable to me. And now he shares it with all of you."
- Jennifer Finnigan, Close to Home

"Scott Sedita's Guide To Making It In Hollywood...will inspire and empower you to become a successful actor. Get ready for some changes with this book!"
- Jay Kenneth Johnson, Days of Our Lives

"Sedita has a fresh, unique approach to 'making it' as an actor. This is a book for actors that want to be in it for the long haul and are focused on achieving success."
- Mark Teschner, Emmy Award-Winning Casting Director

"This book is like having a personal life coach guiding you through your acting career. It should be required reading for anyone who wants to make it in this business. A MUST READ!!!"
- Terry Berland, Casting Director

"Scott has done it again! The information in this book is aimed at actors at all levels. I learned for myself and received so much to pass on to my students. 'Scott Sedita's Guide To Making It In Hollywood' answers: how do I improve, how do I better my chances, how can I enhance my career and my life? I urge you to read this book NOW!"
- Judy Kerr, Author of "Acting Is Everything"

"I always recommend Scott's books and classes to actors who have talent but need no-nonsense, practicable direction to make the most of it. No guru, no flatterer, no flim-flam name-dropper, Scott combines a shrewd business sense with absolute truth-telling."
- David Rambo, Writer/Producer (CSI)

"Scott Sedita's Guide To Making It In Hollywood is a must read for anyone thinking about entering the very challenging business of acting. Scott knows the business from many angles -- as an agent, casting director and acting coach. This book is full of invaluable advice and insight into the world of acting."
- Susan Vash, Casting Director

"Imagine you have a really good friend who knows EVERYTHING about breaking into the acting game and you'll have some idea what's it's like to read this engaging and informative book."
- Jed Seidel, Executive Producer

"Scott Sedita is an inspiration in person and on the page. His new book is a recipe for success for anyone who really wants it!"
- Mary Lou Belli, Emmy Award-Winning Director


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